Many companies have been forced to migrate to the digital world to survive the COVID-19 crisis. This migration process has not only happened in the workplace but also with several activities that are now being carried out digitally, such as exercising and online classes. One of the main alternatives the digital world offers are cryptocurrencies.

Cryptocurrencies have several advantages that other financial alternatives cannot offer right now. Because they operate under a decentralized structure, cryptocurrencies tend to be more stable than FIAT money after an economic crisis. The risk of inflation is lower because these currencies cannot be over-produced.

One of the main recommendations of the World Health Organization was to avoid payments with physical money to prevent the transmission of the virus. Therefore, payments with cryptocurrencies also offer the advantage of being able to complete these transactions without the need for physical contact. Finally, being able to make international transactions fast and safe is another reason why the use of cryptocurrencies has increased in recent months.

During this crisis, cryptocurrencies have also helped build an advanced medical post in Italy. On March 13, a Bitcoin fundraise began with the goal to finance the construction of this site. After just three days, the total of the fundraise reached €10,000. The campaign ended in April with more than €29,350 raised, which helped to finance the construction of this medical post, which is already operating without restrictions.

What are advanced medical posts (AMP)? These places operate as mobile medical sites to serve patients who require medical care. This site is already operating in Rome and its main function is to help professionals in the prevention of COVID-19. The site that was financed by Bitcoin donations works as a place where possibly infected people undergo tests and constant check-ups.

This accomplishment represents another example of the advantages that the digital world can offer to all its users. Although the recent digital migration has been out of necessity, all the advantages that this world offers may result in permanent migrations of several businesses. In addition to these benefits, there are companies like bitfoliex that offer a secure platform to send and receive the most important cryptocurrencies on the market.

For the crypto community, the construction of this medical site is also good news, as it confirms the positive actions that can be achieved with this technology and the great potential that this system has.