One of the main signs of the importance that Blockchain has been gaining is the demand that exists for the technology and its experts. In the last year, the demand for specialized blockchain professionals has increased by 571%. The profession of "Blockchain Architect" is currently among the highest-paid and most inquired of 2020.

Although blockchain became famous thanks to the crypto world and cryptocurrencies, several industries can benefit from embracing this technology. For example, the food industry could considerably improve the way they operate if they were to adopt this technology. These are some of the advantages blockchain can offer:

1. Transparency and safety: one of blockchain's main features is that it offers a high-security standard because it works under a decentralized system. All the nodes are capable of verifying and consulting the data of every step in the supply chain since the network is not controlled by an entity or a single person.

2. Food's traceability: Blockchain also helps products to be verified from their initial source to the final distribution of the product. This allows customers the certainty that the products they consume are of high quality and have not suffered from irregularities during the process.

3. Data base: Another of the main advantages of blockchain is the exchange of information between users, which creates large databases. This allows companies to have more comprehensive information before making important purchases and sales of food. Buyers will also have more details about the products they are buying and sellers will be able to provide comprehensive reports on the products they are offering.

4. Payments: Lastly, blockchain will simplify the way businesses make their payments. This technology allows faster and safer transactions in comparison to traditional banking platforms. There are already some digital platforms like bitfoliex that allow users to receive payments with cryptocurrencies. 

Countries and businesses that are already using it

India and Brazil are two countries that have adopted the blockchain system successfully in their food industry, with significant benefits for many companies and farmers. In addition to these countries, the IBM Blockchain offers the "IBM Food Trust" program, which helps create a more effective and secure system for the food supply chain.

Other industries blockchain can improve

We already know the importance of blockchain in industries such as crypto and food. However, this technology could also have a positive impact on industries such as music, health care, voting, etc. If you still have doubts about how this technology works, in the following video you can find more information on the subject.